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16th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 2-5, 2013
Maynooth, Ireland

DAFx-13 Proceedings

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Keynote 1:

Parallel Computing and Audio Processsing
John ffitch
Oral Session 1:
Music Information Retrieval and Parameter Estimation

Expressive Oriented Time-Scale Adjustment for Mis-Played Musical Signals Based on Tempo Curve Estimations [#11]
Yuma Koizumi, Katunobu Itou

Information Retrieval of Marovany Zither Music Based on an Original Optical-Based System [#8]
Dorian Cazau, Olivier Adam, Marc Chemillier

The Tonalness Spectrum: Feature-Based Estimation of Tonal Components [#48]
Sebastian Kraft, Alexander Lerch, Udo Zölzer

Poster Presentations 1:

Perception & Evaluation of Audio Quality in Music Production [#12]
Alex Wilson, Bruno Fazenda

Unsupervised Audio Key and Chord Recognition [#57]
Yun-Sheng Wang, Harry Wechsler

Efficient DSP Implementation of Median Filtering for Real-Time Audio Noise Reduction [#46]
Stephan Herzog

Separation of Unvoiced Fricatives in Singing Voice Mixtures with Semi-Supervised NMF [#14]
Jordi Janer, Richard Marxer
Oral Session 2:
Parameter Estimation and Generative Processes

A Complex Wavelet Based Fundamental Frequency Estimator in Single-Channel Polyphonic Signals [#24]
Jesús Ponce de León, Fernando Beltrán, José R. Beltrán

Maximum Filter Vibrato Suppression for Onset Detection [#12]
Sebastian Böck and Gerhard Widmer

Generating Musical Accompaniment Using Finite State Transducers [#65]
Jonathan P. Forsyth, Juan P. Bello
Oral Session 3:
Source Separation

Re-Thinking Sound Separation: Prior Information and Additivity Constraint in Separation Algorithms [#21]
Estefanía Cano, Christian Dittmar, Gerald Schuller

Study of Regularizations and Constraints in NMF-Based Drums Monaural Separation [#16]
Ricard Marxer, Jordi Janer

Reverse Engineering Stereo Music Recordings Pursuing an Informed Two-Stage Approach [#28]
Stanislaw Gorlow, Sylvain Marchand

Source Separation and Analysis of Piano Music Signals Using Instrument-Specific Sinusoidal Model [#67]
Wain Man Szeto, Kin Hong Wong

Poster Presentations II:

Low-Latency Bass Separation Using Harmonic-Percussion Decomposition [#13]
Ricard Marxer, Jordi Janer

A 3D Multi-Plate Environment for Sound Synthesis [#41]
Alberto Torin, Stefan Bilbao

Pure Data External for Reactive HMM-Based Speech and Singing Synthesis [#17]
Maria Astrinaki, Alexis Moinet, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Thierry Dutoit

Simulation of Textured Audio Harmonics Using Random Fractal Phaselets [#4]
J. Blackledge, D. Fitzgerald, R. Hickson
Oral Session 4:
Sound Synthesis and Processing

Source Filter Model For Expressive Gu-Qin Synthesis and its iOS App [#39]
Pei-Ching Li, Wei-Chen Chang, Tien-Min Wang, Ya-Han Kuo, Alvin W. Y. Su

Extended Source-Filter Model for Harmonic Instruments for Expressive Control of Sound Synthesis and Transformation [#33]
Henrik Hahn, Axel Röbel

Bit Bending: an Introduction [#35]
Kurt James Werner, Mayank Sanganeria
Keynote 2:

Synthesizers from Analog to Digital, from Hardware to Software, and back to Analog
Dave Smith
Oral Session 5:
Physical Models

Numerical Simulation of Spring Reverberation [#19]
Stefan Bilbao (José)

Fourth-Order and Optimised Finite Difference Schemes for the 2-D Wave Equation [#64]
Brian Hamilton and Stefan Bilbao

Parametric Audio Coding of Bass Guitar Recordings Using a Tuned Physical Modeling Algorithm [#9]
Jakob Abeßer, Patrick Kramer, Christian Dittmar, Gerald Schuller

Poster Presentations III:

3D Particle Systems for Audio Applications [#50]
Nuno Fonseca

Physically Informed Synthesis of Jackhammer Tool Impact Sounds [#23]
Sami Oksanen, Julian Parker, Vesa Välimäki

Guitar Preamp Simulation Using Connection Currents [#10]
Jaromir Macak

Chromax, the Other Side of the Spectral Delay Between Signal Processing and Composition [#58]
Arshia Cont, Carlo Laurenzi, Marco Stroppa
Oral Session 6:
Analysis-Synthesis Methods

Analysis/Synthesis Using Time-Varying Windows and Chirped Atoms [#31]
Corey Kereliuk, Philippe Depalle

On the Modeling of Sound Textures Based on the STFT Representation [#36]
Wei-Hsiang Liao, Axel Röbel, Alvin W.Y. Su

A Streaming Audio Mosaicing Vocoder Implementation [#55]
Edward Costello, Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney
Oral Session 7:
Interaction and Control

Navigating in a Space of Synthesized Interaction-Sounds: Rubbing, Scratching and Rolling Sounds [#43]
S. Conan, E. Thoret, M. Aramaki, O. Derrien, C. Gondre, R. Kronland-Martinet, S. Ystad

A Modeller-Simulator for Instrumental Playing of Virtual Musical Instruments [#25]
James Leonard, Nicolas Castagné, Claude Cadoz, Jean-Loup Florens

Rumbator: a Flamenco Rumba Cover Version Generator Based on Audio Processing at Note Level [#3]
Carles Roig, Isabel Barbancho, Emilio Molina, Lorenzo J. Tardón, Ana María Barbancho

Controlling a Non Linear Friction Model for Evocative Sound Synthesis Applications [#44]
Etienne Thoret, Mitsuko Aramaki, Charles Gondre, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Sølvi Ystad

Poster Presentations IV:

TELTPC Based Re-Synthesis Method for Isolated Notes of Polyphonic Instrumental Music Recordings [#42]
Ya-Han Kuo, Wei-Chen Chang, Tien-Ming Wang, Alvin W.Y. Su

Time-Frequency Analysis of Musical Signals using the Phase Coherence [#2]
Alessio Degani, Marco Dalai, Riccardo Leonardi, Pierangelo Migliorati

Modelling and Separation of Singing Voice Breathiness in Polyphonic Mixtures [#15]
Ricard Marxer, Jordi Janer

Audio-Tactile Glove [#38]
Gareth Young, David Murphy, Jeffrey Weeter

Oral Session 8:
Source Separation and Restoration

Stereo Vocal Extraction Using Adress and Nearest Neighbours Median Filtering [#7]
Derry FitzGerald

Timbre-Constrained Recursive Time-Varying Analysis for Musical Note Separation [#40]
Yiju Lin, Wei-Chen Chang, Tien-Ming Wang, Alvin W.Y. Su, Wei-Hsiang Liao

Comparison of Various Predictors for Audio Extrapolation [#27]
Marco Fink, Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer
Keynote 3:

Virtual Analog Modelling
Vesa Välimäki
Oral Session 9:
Audio Effects

Kronos VST – The Programmable Effect Plugin [#52]
Vesa Norilo

A Digital Model of the Buchla Lowpass-Gate [#56]
Julian Parker, Stefano D’Angelo

Doppler Effects without Equations [#34]
Peter Brinkmann, Michael Gogins

Poster Presentations V:

Csoundo For Android [#37]
Rory Walsh, Conor Robotham

Digital Audio Device Creation by the use of a Domain Specific Language and a Hardware Abstraction Layer [#29]
Stefan Jaritz

Faust2android: a Faust Architecture For Android [#49]
Romain Michon

Incremental Functional Reactive Programming for Interactive Music Signal Processing [#60]
Caleb Reach
Oral Session 10:
Audio Effects and Coding

Music Dereverberation by Spectral Linear Prediction in Live Recordings [#30]
Katariina Mahkonen, Antti Eronen, Tuomas Virtanen, Elina Helander, Victor Popa, Jussi Leppänen, Igor D.D. Curcio

Audio Time-Scaling for Slow Motion Sports Videos [#18]
Alexis Moinet, Thierry Dutoit, Philippe Latour

Error Robust Delay-Free Lossy Audio Coding Based on ADPCM [#22]
Gediminas Simkus, Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer
Oral Session 11:
Spatial Audio and Room Acoustics

Selection And Interpolation of Head-Related Transfer Functions for Rendering Moving Virtual Sound Sources [#59]
Hannes Gamper

Room Acoustics Modelling using Gpu-Accelerated Finite Difference and Finite Volume Methods On a Face-Centered Cubic Grid [#62]
Brian Hamilton, Craig J. Webb

A New Reverberator based on Variable Sparsity Convolution [#55]
Bo Holm-Rasmussen, Heidi-Maria Lehtonen, Vesa Välimäki

Poster Presentations VI:

B-Format Acoustic Impulse Response Measurement and Analysis In the Forest at Koli National Park, Finland [#20]
Simon Shelley, Damian Murphy, Andrew Chadwick

A Scalable Architecture for General Real-Time Array-Based DSP on FPGAs with Application to the Wave Equation [#51]
Ross P. Kirk, Jeremy J. Wells

Center Signal Scaling using Signal-to-Downmix Ratios [#51]
Christian Uhle

Real-Time Dynamic Image-Source Implementation For Auralisation [#53]
André Oliveira, Guilherme Campos, Paulo Dias, Damian Murphy, José Vieira, Catarina Mendonça, Jorge Santos
Oral Session 12:
Emotion and Perception

A Preliminary Analysis of the Continuous Axis Value of the Threedimensional PAD Speech Emotional State Mode [#6]
Simon Lui

Perceptual Investigation of Image Placement with Ambisonics for Non-Centred Listeners [#32]
Peter Stitt, Stéphanie Bertet, Maarten van Walstijn
Workshop 1:

Head related Transfer Function Measurement [Mon 2 - #1]
Prof. Tianshu Qu (Peking University)
Workshop 2:

Dynamic Convolution Techniques In Live Performance [Mon 2 - #2]
Prof. Sigurd Saure (Norwegian university of Science and Technology, Trondheim)
Workshop 3:

Upmixing From Mono Using Sound Source Separation : A Real Worlk Case Study [Mon 2 - #3]
Dr. Derry Fitzgerald (Dublin Institute of Technology)
Workshop 4:

The Making of RAZOR : An Additive Synthesizer by Errorsmith [Mon 2 - #4]
Errorsmith (Musician and External Reaktor Instrument Builder for Native Instruments)

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